Mailing Address

Wildwood Park Community Centre
271 North Drive
Winnipeg, MB R3T 0A1

Board Committees

Wildwood Heritage and Conservation Committee

WHACC (Wildwood Heritage and Conservation Committee) has been in operation since 2000. The committee consists of volunteers that live within the Park and share a desire to see the forest preserved and improved. The results of their work can be seen everywhere you look in and around Wildwood Park.


Officers (*Board Member and Director)

President: VACANT

Past-President: Bill Jost

Vice-President: Konrad Bruetsch

Treasurer: Stephanie Schultz

Secretary: Andrea Powell*

Directors: Alan Kent*, Deborah Capek*, Paul Infuso*, Hugh Penwarden*, Glen Grist, Doris Lepine, Janice Christianson-Wood, Eric Sizeland and Seema Goel

Youth Rep: Sarah Davidson

The Wildwood Community Centre Board meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm on ZOOM. Please contact the secretary to receive the link.

Community Contact

Section A: Jeff and Amanda Robinson

Section B: Glen Grist (204) 290-7711

Section C: Don Oldcorn (204) 226-1693 & Naomi Oldcotton (204) 806-6988

Section D: Craig Christie & Gwendolyne Nyhof (204) 475-6339

Section E: Doris Lepine (204) 771-5326

Section F: Drew Carmichael (204) 228-6940

Section G: Deborah Capek (204) 297-6224

Section H: Candace Rudy (204) 292-2828

Section I: Doug Clark (431) 275-9450

Section J: Katie Sobiski (204) 963-2403 & Seema Goel (204) 869-4448

Oakenwald: Owen Degen (204) 799-7002 & Krystal Degen (204) 990-7715

Manchester North: Hugh Penwarden (204) 452-4592

Manchester South: Janice Christianson-Wood: (204) 799-6445

South Drive: Paul Infuso (204) 770-8727

Volunteer Contact

Club Rentals: Doris Lepine (204) 771-5326

Canteen Manager: Karen Kampen

Fall Canvass Coordinator: Deborah Capek (204) 297-6224, Bill Jost

Jackrabbit Hockey: Owen & Krystal Degen

Jackrabbit Skiing: Vacant

Ice Convenor: Bill Jost

Mini Soccer: Sean McCrae

Wild & Woodsy: Leanne King

To view current by-laws, please click here.