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What's Coming Up

Virtual AGM

7pm, October 27th, 2021
Email secretary@wildwoodcc.ca for a Zoom invitation to attend.

Fall Canvass

Donating is easy!

Donations can be made online via credit card. Click on “Donate” in the menu bar above.

Soccer Convenor Needed

The mini soccer program is open to all children aged 4 to 8 within the Wildwood Park neighbourhood and runs during May and June each year.  Our focus is on fun and learning the basics of the game and no prior skills or playing experience is needed.  Teams play in a non-competitive league against teams from Fort Garry CC, Riverview CC and Lord Roberts CC.

We are in need of a soccer convenor!

Key responsibilities include:
• Providing program advertising materials each season for inclusion in the Wildwood CC website and Wild & Woodsy newsletter.
• Taking registrations, establish teams, and communicate to coaches and parents on the coming season.
• Answering e-mail questions from parents on the program.
• Order jerseys and balls through Tim Horton’s in time for the season start.
• Package up equipment for each team including balls, jerseys, and cones.
• Provide volunteer coaches with coaching resources and ongoing support.
• Liaise with the other community centre convenors and help develop the schedule for each age group.
• Receive equipment back at the end of season and return to the community centre.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me at wildwoodsoccer@gmail.com

Our Community Centre

As our province slowly moves towards re-opening, the community centre is in the process of figuring out our own re-opening plan.

As of right now, we are not open for rentals. With such a small space and no staff, it makes it difficult to ensure the safety of our patrons. As public health orders change we hope to accept rentals again sometime this Fall.

There are currently no events planned for this Fall except our annual Fall Canvass. Our plan is to have the club completely open (including the canteen) for the start of Jack Rabbit Hockey and the skating season.

Of course, the community centre can’t run without the help of volunteers from our community. If you can step up to help out, or would like more information, on any of the below positions, please contact Cindy at pastprez@wildwoodcc.ca :

Community Centre President
Community Centre Vice-President
Section A Rep
Section H Rep
Manchester South Rep
Mini Soccer Manager
Jack Rabbit Hockey Manager